Photography workshop for beginners


Photography workshop for beginners


Do you want to use your fancy new camera to take great pictures in any situation?  Today's cameras are capable of amazing things once you learn how to use them.  

This beginners course will teach you about the different program modes and features of your camera so you can quickly and easily take good photographs.  You will also learn how to take your camera out of the program modes and learn the basics of manual camera control to get great pictures in all environments. 

Course Highlights : 

Date : Sunday April 23rd from 1-5 or May 7th from 1-5.  Class details will be emailed out once you register.

- Know your camera. Basic camera features and modes, tips on how and when to use them effectively. 
- Learn about aperture, shutter speed and ISO
- Learn basic composition to make your images more visually appealing
- Hands on shooting in a group setting
- Access to a private Facebook group with photo challenges and tips

We are really excited to host this beginners photography class. It's going to be fun, informative and best of all you get to spend 4 glorious hours with us!

Can't wait to see you! 

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