Sam & Theresa

Grand Palladium White Sands Riviera Maya

We knew we were going to have a great time joining Sam & Theresa in Mexico for their destination wedding.  Once we met the rest of the group at the airport, we realized it was going to be even better than we originally planned.

After a smooth flight and a short bus ride, we arrived at the White Sands Grande Palladium resort.  Goodbye winter, hello beautiful white sand beaches.  

The beachfront venue was perfect, Sam was very dapper in his custom suit, and Theresa was absolutely beautiful in her gorgeous white dress.  We can't forget the wedding party, one of the best looking groups of guys and gals we've ever seen, and so much fun.

We loved every minute of this trip.  The best part was that even though we were there to capture the memories of the wedding day, we had a great time with the whole group and came home feeling like part of the family.

Thank you for having us join you for a fabulous day in paradise!