The Greenery Trend


Now this is a trend I can get behind! I have a slight...well very large obsession with Cactuses and Succulents ( you should see my house).  Seeing these finishes at a wedding makes me pretty giddy! 

Ferns and Eucalyptus are just a few of the greenery trends hitting the 2016 wedding scene. Romantic greenery has popped up everywhere this year, sometimes completely replacing all flowers at the wedding. Chic, bohemian and elegant are a few ways to describe the sentiment of integrating greenery into bouquets and décor. Brides everywhere are jumping on this newly rooted trend.  

Be creative and incorporate greenery into your centerpieces, your bouquet, a headpiece, the boutineers or the overall décor. This organic approach is sure to please brides and guests, and as a bonus is very eco-friendly.  Potted plants and greenery are sure to last a lifetime, without the sometimes stressful desire to give everyone a large vase of flowers come midnight. 

For the minimalist brides, simple succulents are a great feature to any table.  It's a fresh spin on simple and clean looking décor. The focus has shifted to beautifully draped greens to adorn any couples perfect wedding venue!

I can't wait to see what you have envisioned for your special day!