Is she a hippy? I wanna drink out of a mason jar...

I love food.  I’ve always loved food.  Sometimes I loved the food I ate more than I loved me.  By that I mean I loved potato chips and all the other things like potato chips.  I even bought into the new “healthy ones”  with a few whole grains thrown in and “reduced fat”  I never questioned what was in them, I just ate them.  Me and Dean used to need 2 family size bags on movie night because we didn’t like to share our salty addictions.


I also used to eat out a lot.  I mean – chicken nuggets were the healthy choice right – especially now that they were all white meat…  Bentley loved them.  I’m glad I learned while he was young enough to forget chicken nuggets.  I still do eat out – I just pick different places.  We have some excellent places to eat good food in Regina, and I don’t have to feel guilty about feeding my toddler at these places.

It’s funny how we try to eat healthy – I used to get caught up in all the mainstream diets – the calorie thing, the points thing, the protein thing, the low fat thing, the no fat thing and my favorite – the baked not fried thing…  The thing was, none of those things made me skinny, gave me energy or made me feel good.

Then something changed.  A friend of mine showed me her juicer, well, first I saw her walk into a meeting with a mason jar, a straw and some weird green coloured juice.  I had two thoughts at the same time: Is she a hippy? quickly followed by I think I want to try that…  The next time I saw Amanda, she had a large (I mean large) Tupperware full of melons.  I thought geez, this chick is always eating.  Doesn’t that fruit have a lot of sugar in it?  Boy did I have lots to learn.

After a couple weeks of curious internet browsing, I phoned Dean (who had no idea about my research or shopping plans…) I told him juicer things were on sale at Home Outfitters.  Amanda says the Breville one is a good start.  Can you go buy one?  Today please?  I’m sure he rolled his eyes at least twice on his way to Home Outfitters, but he came home with a juicer.  Now instead of low-fat no-fat, we just eat (and drink) good food.

The weird thing is, I think what I eat now actually tastes better than what I used to eat before.  I started by following a simple rule – If I can’t sounds out the pronunciation of the ingredients, I don’t buy it. (Except those sulfite or sulfate thingies – I know there in red wine and I just have to live with it :)

I decided to write a blog about food because I really like food and I have really enjoyed learning how to enjoy it better.  I also like photographing food - Except sometimes I eat it halfway through the photoshoot :)  oops...

I hope you tune in every couple weeks and we can learn and have fun with food together!