First sneak peak of the new year

I was so excited about my first engagement shoot of the year!  I met Andrew and Pam for some photo love over a cup of java at Roca House.  I was quickly reminded of how much I love couples photography.  We just kicked back, relaxed and had some fun.  The warm coffee set us up for a great outdoor shoot - there were just a few snowflakes falling from the sky, not a hint of wind, and just cold enough to be winter.  

Before I continue - Dean and Bentley were also at Roca House - enjoying their morning coffee and apple juice.  Bentley was pretty proud to be participating in coffee time - and he's getting pretty good with the iPhone camera...


Here's a sneak peak of from the morning magic (Click on the image to open a full screen gallery):

Thanks Pam and Andrew for a great morning!  I can't wait to be part of your wedding day! AANNDD I can't wait to meet your new baby in May!!!!

One more thing before I start preparing Super Bowl Snacks - I had to grab these pics of Bentley when I arrived home!  

Have a great Super Bowl Sunday!!!