Réal + Ashley | Engagement

Réal and Ashley, you are the cutest couple EVER! Your energy and spirit are so infectious. Réal I laughed so much, you are one funny fellow! Ashley is a lucky girl. We can't wait to share your special day. I can only imagine the shenanigans that will take place...LOL

We did a themed engagement session based on the story of how they met.  Is so sweet, reminders me of the "notebook" kinda love....gush!!!

Here is how they met. 

So Ashley had just moved to Shaunavon.  Her dad is RCMP and just got transferred there. She happened to have a spare during my calculus class, where she was supposed to catch up on work and I was suppose to learn calculus. I noticed very early she was very pretty. I of course had to meet her, but couldn't use a direct approach as both she and I were shy. So I devised a plan. I was in the row beside her, she was at the front of hers, I was in the middle. So my plan was to scootch my desk to every person in the row, and ask how they were doing, starting at the person in the back of her row. So one by one, I moved my desk up the row, asking people how they were doing, until I got to Ashley. Upon getting there, I introduced myself, "high, I'm Réal" She turned bright red and replied " I'm Ashley". Then just small chit chat followed, asking how she was doing, we're she was from, etc.  From there on, whenever I had I work, I spent my time bugging her an getting to know her, so she didn't get any work done and my mark dropped a good 10% by the end of the semester. LOL

It's the perfect equation. 1 + 1 = love....more gushing!!!

Enjoy the pictures!