Mister Knox Ryan's First Birthday

I first photographed Haley, Steve & Knox last summer and was really excited to photograph his first birthday party.  It's so cute how we go all out for the first birthday !  There are so many cool ideas, but this one might be the coolest - Mr Man Mustache Bash.  These little guys are sssooooooo cute as little men.

Haley was so much fun to work with, she had me design the invitations and all the cool signs around the house.  Her and her mom spent hours making bowties, decorating and making every detail just perfect.

One of my favourite items was the manwich - these cute little sandwiches lovingly made in the shape of - you guessed it - a mustache.

Here's some thoughts from Haley on the planning of this manly party:

When I started the planning for Knoxs first birthday I knew I wanted it to be special! Obviously I know that a 1 year old will never remember the party but when Knox grows up I wanted him to see the pictures and know how much time, thought and love went into making it perfect! 

As much as it was a day to celebrate Knox coming into our life, it was also a way to say thank you to the important friends and family in our life who helped us in the past year. It truly does take a village to raise a baby and we have lots of people in our village! 

I spent lots of time looking for the right things for his party, and even brought back lots of stuff from the States when we were there on vacation! (Cake mould, ice cube tray, etc) But I wasn't the only one! I would often get phone calls from family members and friends letting me know where they spotted something mustache. We've all agreed we would be perfectly happy never seeing another mustache themed thing in our lives :) But I have to admit that going shopping for the first time after the party felt a little funny not being on the 'look out'!! 

I wouldn't have been able to do this party without two very important people: My husband, Steve & my mom (Knoxs Gma). Steve was such a good sport and SO supportive of the whole idea. He even offered to grow a mustache for the party...I lovingly declined :) 

And my mom...what didn't she help do?! She spent countless hours cutting, crafting, shopping, sewing, brainstorming, etc and I could never find the words to thank her enough! (She even brought MORE stuff back from the States too!). The amazing time my mom and I spent together getting ready for the party perfectly depicted what it was all about. That Knox (and Steve & I) have countless people who would do anything for him and that he's loved by so many people in ways he'll never know. 

I hope when he grows up and sees how we celebrated his first year, he will feel that love. 

We love you little man!! 

- Mommy

Some of the vendors for the party included:

Little Man Party Pack: Etsy: Little Bird Prints
Invitations & Signs: Nicole Gerhardt Photography
Event and Portrait Photography: Nicole Gerhardt Photography
Custom Facebook Banner: Haley Ryan Facebook (by Nicole Gerhardt Photography)

Thank-you Haley & Steve - I had so much fun.  Enjoy the pictures:

Hey Haley - Look you can start planning for Easter...  LOL