It's all in the shoulder!


Shoulder jewelry might just be what you are looking for.  Add that touch of sparkle and vintage charm with a draped epaulette or yokes (those are the fancy terms!) 

Traditional necklaces can elevate simple gowns with that pop of shine but taking a risky, adventurous and beautiful approach to jewelry is a new, hot trend. Typically draped either across the upper chest or over the shoulder, body jewelry works best with strapless simple dresses to add flare and personality. With a dramatic feel, brides everywhere have the chance to show off a generally flattering body part. 

Simple strands or multiple chains of pearls, diamonds and rhinestones, this look can easily bring a simple gown to life and make for an incredible entrance. Should the piece not be 'dance proof', it can simply be removed and adorned for the most special moments to elevate any look. 
This is sure to be a hit at weddings all year round in various ways and it is an absolute favourite of ours!