Winter Weddings


10 of our Favourite reasons to choose a Winter Wedding

If you are considering a winter wedding, here are a few reasons why we LOVE the season and why you should consider those chilly months as the perfect time for your wedding day:

  1. Wide Open Spaces - With winter months being "off-season" for most vendors and suppliers, you have a very good chance of getting the location, caterer and photographer of choice without a large amount of competition. Don't get us wrong, weddings still happen, but you may find a few more options arise!

  2. A Naturally Beautiful (free) Backdrop - There is nothing like a fresh, white snowfall to add to the beauty of your pictures and décor. Take advantage of the free backdrop and tie it into your theme and photographs.

  3. Oh the Dècor - While darker, warm colours tend to be the theme, any colour combination works in winter months as you don’t have the elements of outside to compete with and your choices are endless.

  4. Stretch those dollars (a little)- With it being a slower season, you may be able to find a few much needed accessories and details for your big day at a fraction of the cost. Without high demand, some suppliers may be willing to work at a discounted cost to fill the sometimes slower months - do your research and make the time of year work in your favour

  5. Mother Nature is no concern - When your wedding is in a season of somewhat consistent weather, you don't have the worry of planning for sun, or rain or wind. Relax at the thought of having one less thing to worry about on your day.

  6. Festive Eats and Sips - Think mulled wine, warm soup bowls, cocoa with mashmallows and a tea bar! The options are a bit cozier with a warm winter wedding - be creative!

  7. Fashion Freedom in Fur - Take fashion risks in the winter months with sleeves, coats, shawls and more.  Remember too that the classic wedding and bridesmaids dresses are perfect for any time of year but help keep those girls warm when pictures are outside and moving from venue to venue! Can you say fur shawls!

  8. Set a Romantic Ambience - Candles, chandeliers and holiday decorations can be the perfect touch to the romantic feel of winter nights. The sun sets earlier, giving you more time to relax and experience the night with friends and family.

  9. Be the Seasons Hit- Without numerous other weddings to compete with on popular wedding, your wedding may be a highlight of the season for some and you won't have to worry about friends and family having numerous weddings and events to decide from!

  10. Escape to the Tropics - There is nothing better than having a crisp, romantic winter wedding than a warm, tropical honeymoon to follow - make the most of the time of year and escape to the tropics right after the wedding - a beach never looked so good!

And finally (an extra bonus) - the magical feeling around this time of year is unmatched. The holiday and new year seasons bring about a sense of magic, cheer, and nostalgia. The ambience is set as the new year and winter months bring on feelings of hope, excitement, new beginnings and love - we can't wait to capture your big day!