"I wish I would have hired a videographer"

A wedding photo captures a moment in time - often in a spectacular, romantic and larger than life way that immediately takes you back to one of the most important days of your life.  Great wedding photo's are so important that the photographer is almost always chosen at the same time as the church and the reception venue - just to make sure the right one is available to capture the special memories. 

Nicole and me were married almost 10 years ago.  We had a great day filled with friends and family, a whole bunch of bridesmaids and groomsmen, and one heck of a party to celebrate our love and commitment and whatever the future had in store.  We both remember that some good friends and family got up and gave speeches - speeches they spent time writing so we could hear their words of wisdom, humour, and probably the occasional joke at our expense.  But, neither one of us remembers the specifics.  It would be great to have a date night with a bottle of wine and relive watching Nicole walking down the aisle, seeing the proud glisten in a parents eye as we said our vows, and listening to those words of wisdom.  Seeing the hugs and the love from grandparents that have passed on, and the smile on the faces of little nieces or nephews who are now all grown up.

It would be even better to share those memories with our kids.  To teach my son that it is ok to shed a tear of joy, and to show our daughter that we went through the same anticipation that she will as she waits with me at the back of the church to walk down the aisle.  

To hear the words and to see the motion and magical flow of the day - it's something that I really wish we had.  We still have some wedding dates available for 2017 and are booking for 2018.  Click here to chat with us about your wedding day.

Here are a couple wedding films from this year.  To see more, as well as pricing and package information, visit our Wedding Film Page